Race Car 2

Grand National We specialize in Grand National West/East body mounting, completes & repairs, both steel & composite, chassis repairs  

’56 Chevy

It Was no Cream Puff This customer approached us because he believed he had bought a pristine car. The blast showed the truth, as you can see. “ It was no cream puff. ” After we replaced some rusted out metal, some small, some big, as you can see. The customer was quite pleased when […]

’56 Cab

"Unholy Transformation" We did this whole truck, but wrote a Tech Article for Classic Trucks Magazine. The article was about cab repair, rust and replacement panels. Replacing Cab Corners and Hinge Pockets How many times have you walked away from a potential project because of excess rust in hard-to-repair areas?  Even worse, have you ever purchased […]