Custom Louvers

      RRC Fabrication and Speed can Louver your Hot Rod Hood. With our Louver Press we can punch Classic Hot Rod Hood Louvers into your hood, decklid, or just about any other flat panel, whether it be for your Street Rod or even Commercial use for ventilation. Louvers can provide ventilation for cooling as well […]

Pennzoil Car

This vehicle is a real NASCAR Race Car, but now is being run in a Vintage Series. We went through the car to make it Race Ready, updating safety items, some body modifications and general maintenance to ensure hours of enjoyment and safety.  

’30 Ford Pick Up

 The customer requested more room so his Grand Kids could go to the car shows with him. They wanted it to look as Factory as possible. “So we did what we had to do”, stretched the cab 13” and mounted drop seats in the back, so the Kids could go safely. 

Race Car 2

We specialize in Grand National West/East body mounting, completes & repairs, both steel & composite, chassis repairs 

Race Cars 1

These represent some of the vast array of Race Cars we have built and rebuilt. We offer template fit and primed, painted crush panels, duct work, as well as Race Ready. 

’56 Chevy

This customer approached us because he believed he had bought a pristine car. The blast showed the truth, as you can see. “ It was no cream puff. ” After we replaced some rusted out metal, some small, some big, as you can see. The customer was quite pleased when we finished.

’56 Cab

We did this whole truck, but wrote a Tech Article for Classic Trucks Magazine. The article was about cab repair, rust and replacement panels.Replacing Cab Corners and Hinge PocketsHow many times have you walked away from a potential project because of excess rust in hard-to-repair areas?  Even worse, have you ever purchased a project or finished […]


This car was brought to the shop, no doors mounted, no roof, and cab was not mounted. We methodically mounted, adjusted, pried and pulled. Then we constructed a complete floor to give a good foundation, then worked our way up constructing a new roof filler section. Next we welded door extensions to complete the roof […]