’30 Ford Pick Up

 The customer requested more room so his Grand Kids could go to the car shows with him. They wanted it to look as Factory as possible. “So we did what we had to do”, stretched the cab 13” and mounted drop seats in the back, so the Kids could go safely. 

’67 LS1 Camaro

This car is being built for one of our Military. Special 9” rear with coil overs, special front clip with coil overs. We replaced 2 quarters, rear tail panel, one fender, stainless gas tank, new interior w/GTO front seats. The speedometer replaced with MPH & KMH since we will be shipping it to Germany. Our […]

’69 Mustang

Know that this pan replacement job is not that difficult in and of itself, but it is very labor intensive. There are many holes to drill and fill, and like everything, a little knowledge and practice goes a long way to making this a two-day job for the pros